Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy Birthday J. Cole.

Crooked Smile- J. Cole 

Crooked Smile was released in 2013. This song is about how people in the world try to change the way they truly are and look in order to be acknowledged. He was more specific on a women's struggle of putting on make up and wearing fake nails, hair, and eyebrows. Taking a long time just to get ready and having so much pressure to look impressive. "Staring at the mirror but not realizing what's really wrong no need to fix what God already put his paint brush on." Meaning that what's really wrong is how you're not embracing your inner beauty because you're to busy trying to live up to societies view of beauty and to get the attention you want from that one guy you truly want but doesn't want you back instead of just accepting yourself the way you were made. In his song he said "love yourself, girl, or nobody will." This lyric in specific is something that I truly stand for I genuinely believe that us women should find ourselves and what we're worth before trying to find someone to love us. Once you find out how much you're worth you won't let someone treat you the way you don't deserve being treated and you won't depend your happiness completely on them because you have confidence in yourself. He said "Society tries to tell you there's something about you that makes you inferior to the images they're trying to put out there. The song is really me embracing my imperfections and trying to get other people to embrace theirs." To all the girls who are insecure about anything because you've been bullied or because you wish you looked a certain way keep your head up high you are genuinely beautiful and one day there will be someone who will find you unbelievably beautiful and will love you for who you are. Remember to always love yourselves ladies!  //

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gravity- John Mayer

     To John Mayer Gravity is one of the most important songs he has written. The song was released in 2006 he admires the fact that this song is broad it's not based on a specific situation. You can be going through any kind of situation and when your listening to this song no matter what the situation is it's like the song is talking directly to you. The first time I heard this song I instantly got hooked it has such a distinct sound to it and when he . When I listen to Gravity it's like i'm isolated from everything and everyone I feel as if I am in an empty room full of instruments playing in the dark. John Mayer said that "no matter what happens in your life Gravity is a universal theme about not falling from whatever rung of grace you’re on for the moment, not losing the happiness, not losing the success. Temptation, the darkness all that’s just a human struggle." When listening to this song the message i get from it is that there will always be something or someone who wants to bring you down from what you're doing or from what you want but you must remain true to yourself and keep your head up and stay focus.