Tuesday, May 10, 2016


~ Fire and desire ~

I am a huge fan of drakes new album so i picked to blog about his song fire and desire. This song is more of a slow and emotional song. Drake expresses his dedication to one person that he can't have because she's committed to another man. This other man talks as if she'll never leave his side but he doesn't buy it. All she really has to do is tell him to cut all these other girls out of his life and he'll do it for her but she still hasn't decided. He doesn't want to fight what they have anymore. People believe that this song has to do with his relationship/love for Nicki Minaj and the other man that's talked about in the song is Meek Mill. Drake told Zane lowe on beats 1's OVOSOUND Radio that he and Nicki don't talk anymore but there's no love lost. " She’s a person I have a lot of love for. A lot of love and a lot of respect. Not only for our past, and how much work and time we put in, but even just the way she dealt with the situation. I understand what love is, and I understand a personal situation. She dealt with me how I would expect her to which was with class. I could only ever do the same. "

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

♥ Bob Marley ♥

~Could You Be Loved~
  We should all know this song or at least heard it once in our life. There are a lot of interpretations of this song. Could You Be Loved is on of those songs that can have  different meaning to everyone. When I listen to this song it's about having a character and live the way you wish to live your life to not let anything change you. " Don't let them change ya, oh! Or even rearrange ya! oh, no We've got a life to live. They say; only, only, only the fittest of the fittest shall survive, stay alive! Eh!" This song inspires you to move forward through your toughest times until you find whats best for you. " The people walking' in darkness have seen a greater light; so let the light be your guide, and everything's gonna be alright. " It reminds me about life and the lesson you learn as you grow up. You learn to remain true to yourself and do what pleases you. The acceptance of others isn't needed because we have a mind of our own and if we feel as if its right then so be it. Besides the meaning that you receive when listening to this song it has such a great melody that makes you feel relaxed and humble. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Nick Jones

~ Close ~

   This song from Nick Jones recently came out and I loved it the first time I heard it. It's kind of a slow song but at the same time has a nice beat to it and the chorus is really catchy to me. It's one of those song that once you hear it you have to listen to it a couple more times.The song is about two people trying to be together and trying to show how they care for each other. They have the same feeling towards each other and they wont ask for space because space is just a word made up of someone who's afraid to get too close. If you want them then you want them that there's no going back or asking for space. They wish they can get closer a type of close that no mater how close they are it's not close enough. Besides how good the song is to me I think the music video was interesting as well featuring Nick Jonas and Tove Lo. I feel like they did a great job with the video showing their emotion and body language it was a bit strange but interesting all together.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgJFqVvb2Ws

Zara Larsson, MNEK

~ Never Forget You ~

I feel like everyone will have that someone who they'll never forget. Whether they want to admit it or not. I know I do. There's a point in time that you had someone who meant the world to you, and if not you will eventually. I've learned that you outgrow certain people and situations and that's okay. Sometimes you have to leave people behind not because you no longer care for them but because it's what's best for you. The understanding i get out of this song is that you will have someone who was in you life that meant so much to you and something happened between that time and you went your separate ways but even then they still mean something to you, You may not love them how you did before but you definitely still care for them and you always will. No matter how much time has past and all the things you've gone through with them it can't change the way you feel and there's no shame in that. Whether it's a family member, best friend, or an ex boyfriend / girlfriend. Never forget you is a great song to listen to because it has a good beat to it that you can listen to it several times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTyN-DB_v5M

Thursday, March 10, 2016

♡♡♡ Nicky Jam ♡♡♡

~ Si Tu No Estas ~
   Nothing/no one is perfect but Nicky Jam is pretty damn close to it. Not only is he gorgeous but talented as well. I am a big fan of his music and his song " Si Tu No Estas" is currently my favorite song. Im pretty devastated that I wasn't able to attend his concert last weekend because unfortunately I had to work. This song is about someone leaving you and you're telling that person if you think you're gonna see me cry I'm not gonna give you that pleasure because I think that Im better off with out you. They say that time heals everything the wind will blow your memories away and none of this will matter. If you're not there I'm not gonna cry for you meanwhile I'm gonna forget about you. I'll keep partying and I'm going to live my life. Its basically saying you decided to leave and I'm not going to torture myself by crying anymore because you no longer wanted to stay with me. Im going to do me and enjoy my life. This is better than staying with someone who doesn't truly care about me as time goes on everything will heal and ill find someone who actually values me. I love it because it's a catchy song and I feel like it sends off an important message. Things happen for a reason life is too short to get sad about something so foolish. Time goes on and eventually you'll notice that you were better off and you should just enjoy the things you have instead of reminiscing or feeding into the problems someone wants to bring to you.    ~ P u r a  V i d a  ~  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2b-bB1MnXg


~ Work ~
 As we all know the song Work from Rihanna made a big hit. Nearly everyone enjoys listening to this song. I love it because as soon as the song plays it makes you want to instantly get up and start dancing. My interpretation of the song is how Rihanna was in a relationship where all she wanted was for him to show her the love and affection she deserved but never received. Falling for someone who takes advantage of her venerability and gives her nothing in return. But Rihanna acknowledges that she still has more learning to do. When it seems like Rihanna is quick with love Drake swoops in offering a different perspective things may move slow but he's still into her. If someone similar came around he would still choose her. Drake emphasizes determination face to face would clear up a lot of issues in the relationship but patience is important and so is communication. It takes two for things to work. To me Drakes lyrics was about how you have to put in work to get what you want. Instead of going off and finding someone temporary because you are alone patience is key and if you wait and try long enough things will work if theres still potential in it. Rihanna's lyrics was more about her previous relationship about how she put her all in it and got nothing in return. How all she wanted was for someone to show her something she's never seen before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=428owtKUJYk

Friday, February 26, 2016

Damn Daniel!

  If you haven't seen the Damn Daniel videos yet I'm pretty sure you've heard people all over school saying it. Damn Daniel is a video that a kid named Josh one day decided to record his friend on snapchat saying Damn Daniel in a funny way. He posted it on snapchat and received several messages saying it was funny. They decided to continue making Damn Daniel videos on a daily basis with Daniel wearing different outfits. In those several videos Daniel wore his white Vans repeatedly so then Josh decided to add " Damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans. " It became very popular on social media. Daniel would go out to the mall or somewhere and people would actually recognize him and ask him to take pictures with them. There are people putting up white Vans on eBay claiming that they're Daniels white Vans bidding for $400,100.00. He made it very clear on his appearance on The Ellen Show that those are not his shoes. On the show they talked about how it all started and why they continued making the Damn Daniel videos. Ellen then surprised them with special gifts Josh received a surf board thats says " Damn Daniel I was on Ellen " because he enjoys surfing. As for Daniel he received a life time supply of shoes from Vans. They even made a Damn Daniel song to go with it that's only 45 seconds long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ8GHa9eMPA

Friday, February 19, 2016

Ed Sheeran ♥

~ I See Fire ~
I am honestly a huge fan of Ed Sheerans music. To me Ed Sheeran is a talented artist all he needs is his voice and his guitar and he can easily make music sound like heaven. I See Fire was a song that instantly caught my ear the first time I heard it. Sheeran received an email from Peter Jackson the producer of The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug he was asked to write a new song for the soundtrack of the movie. He has always been a fan of the films and books apparently The Hobbit was the first book that Sheeran ever read as a child. Writing this song was a big deal for him when he was asked to write this song he was told to write a song that takes the audience by the hand and leads them to Middle Earth and back to reality. He said the he wrote the song from the perspective of being a dwarf. Not only was Ed Sheeran able to write a song for the soundtrack of the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug but he also had the chance to produce and play all the instruments in the song besides the cello. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fngvQS_PmQ

Friday, February 5, 2016

Love Yourz - J. Cole

  I usually wouldn't post two songs back to back from the same artist but this song is special and has a lot of meaning behind it. This song means a lot to J. Cole because he says it symbolizes the message he tried to convey on his album "Happiness" and basically what he has learned though out his career. Being able to buy his mom a house, being famous and having people admiring him for his music he thought was what he wanted. When those things finally came he realized that the happiness wasn't there. J. Cole said that when he was young he thought that success was all he needed. Having success was what was going to bring him happiness. There was such an attempt to achieve those things that you lose sight of the people and the blessings you have around you. In an interview about his song "Love Yourz" he said that When you reach your success that you're so focus on your next step in your career and your next check that you forget the fact that you have these things that seem small but when you look at it you realize that that's the only thing that matters your mother, family, and your love which is what this song is really about. The message I receive from this song is that you can have all the success and money in the world but with out the people you love and the people who truly care and know you all those material things mean nothing.You should appreciate what you have even if it doesn't seem like a lot. "Money doesn't buy happiness."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy Birthday J. Cole.

Crooked Smile- J. Cole 

Crooked Smile was released in 2013. This song is about how people in the world try to change the way they truly are and look in order to be acknowledged. He was more specific on a women's struggle of putting on make up and wearing fake nails, hair, and eyebrows. Taking a long time just to get ready and having so much pressure to look impressive. "Staring at the mirror but not realizing what's really wrong no need to fix what God already put his paint brush on." Meaning that what's really wrong is how you're not embracing your inner beauty because you're to busy trying to live up to societies view of beauty and to get the attention you want from that one guy you truly want but doesn't want you back instead of just accepting yourself the way you were made. In his song he said "love yourself, girl, or nobody will." This lyric in specific is something that I truly stand for I genuinely believe that us women should find ourselves and what we're worth before trying to find someone to love us. Once you find out how much you're worth you won't let someone treat you the way you don't deserve being treated and you won't depend your happiness completely on them because you have confidence in yourself. He said "Society tries to tell you there's something about you that makes you inferior to the images they're trying to put out there. The song is really me embracing my imperfections and trying to get other people to embrace theirs." To all the girls who are insecure about anything because you've been bullied or because you wish you looked a certain way keep your head up high you are genuinely beautiful and one day there will be someone who will find you unbelievably beautiful and will love you for who you are. Remember to always love yourselves ladies!  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCxaXqwRhvw

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gravity- John Mayer

     To John Mayer Gravity is one of the most important songs he has written. The song was released in 2006 he admires the fact that this song is broad it's not based on a specific situation. You can be going through any kind of situation and when your listening to this song no matter what the situation is it's like the song is talking directly to you. The first time I heard this song I instantly got hooked it has such a distinct sound to it and when he . When I listen to Gravity it's like i'm isolated from everything and everyone I feel as if I am in an empty room full of instruments playing in the dark. John Mayer said that "no matter what happens in your life Gravity is a universal theme about not falling from whatever rung of grace you’re on for the moment, not losing the happiness, not losing the success. Temptation, the darkness all that’s just a human struggle." When listening to this song the message i get from it is that there will always be something or someone who wants to bring you down from what you're doing or from what you want but you must remain true to yourself and keep your head up and stay focus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VBex8zbDRs