Thursday, March 10, 2016

♡♡♡ Nicky Jam ♡♡♡

~ Si Tu No Estas ~
   Nothing/no one is perfect but Nicky Jam is pretty damn close to it. Not only is he gorgeous but talented as well. I am a big fan of his music and his song " Si Tu No Estas" is currently my favorite song. Im pretty devastated that I wasn't able to attend his concert last weekend because unfortunately I had to work. This song is about someone leaving you and you're telling that person if you think you're gonna see me cry I'm not gonna give you that pleasure because I think that Im better off with out you. They say that time heals everything the wind will blow your memories away and none of this will matter. If you're not there I'm not gonna cry for you meanwhile I'm gonna forget about you. I'll keep partying and I'm going to live my life. Its basically saying you decided to leave and I'm not going to torture myself by crying anymore because you no longer wanted to stay with me. Im going to do me and enjoy my life. This is better than staying with someone who doesn't truly care about me as time goes on everything will heal and ill find someone who actually values me. I love it because it's a catchy song and I feel like it sends off an important message. Things happen for a reason life is too short to get sad about something so foolish. Time goes on and eventually you'll notice that you were better off and you should just enjoy the things you have instead of reminiscing or feeding into the problems someone wants to bring to you.    ~ P u r a  V i d a  ~


  1. I think I enjoy Nicky jam's songs as much as you do. I was actually able to go to his concert and I just hopes he does another one soon. My favorite song right now is "Hasta el amanacer" 😻 I haven't pay so much attention to the song you're mentioning but sure will.