Friday, February 26, 2016

Damn Daniel!

  If you haven't seen the Damn Daniel videos yet I'm pretty sure you've heard people all over school saying it. Damn Daniel is a video that a kid named Josh one day decided to record his friend on snapchat saying Damn Daniel in a funny way. He posted it on snapchat and received several messages saying it was funny. They decided to continue making Damn Daniel videos on a daily basis with Daniel wearing different outfits. In those several videos Daniel wore his white Vans repeatedly so then Josh decided to add " Damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans. " It became very popular on social media. Daniel would go out to the mall or somewhere and people would actually recognize him and ask him to take pictures with them. There are people putting up white Vans on eBay claiming that they're Daniels white Vans bidding for $400,100.00. He made it very clear on his appearance on The Ellen Show that those are not his shoes. On the show they talked about how it all started and why they continued making the Damn Daniel videos. Ellen then surprised them with special gifts Josh received a surf board thats says " Damn Daniel I was on Ellen " because he enjoys surfing. As for Daniel he received a life time supply of shoes from Vans. They even made a Damn Daniel song to go with it that's only 45 seconds long.

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