Wednesday, April 20, 2016

♥ Bob Marley ♥

~Could You Be Loved~
  We should all know this song or at least heard it once in our life. There are a lot of interpretations of this song. Could You Be Loved is on of those songs that can have  different meaning to everyone. When I listen to this song it's about having a character and live the way you wish to live your life to not let anything change you. " Don't let them change ya, oh! Or even rearrange ya! oh, no We've got a life to live. They say; only, only, only the fittest of the fittest shall survive, stay alive! Eh!" This song inspires you to move forward through your toughest times until you find whats best for you. " The people walking' in darkness have seen a greater light; so let the light be your guide, and everything's gonna be alright. " It reminds me about life and the lesson you learn as you grow up. You learn to remain true to yourself and do what pleases you. The acceptance of others isn't needed because we have a mind of our own and if we feel as if its right then so be it. Besides the meaning that you receive when listening to this song it has such a great melody that makes you feel relaxed and humble. 

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